Posted on 03 November 2016 by LeslieM

Dear Editor,

In answer to Mr. Forman’s letter of last week, I wish to state I am in agreement with him when he says that in the past District 3’s commissioner forgot about at least half of the district. That has to change. Where a commissioner lives is not the problem, but how he thinks and acts is. Too many years have passed where a policy of us against them has been the accepted way you have been treated. We have to be united with each resident having equal representation. That way we can grow the District to be the best it can be. When all of District 3 along with Commissioner Ganz delayed the 10th Street project from starting by banding together and fighting to protect our whole district, we succeeded.

Bernie Parness

Deerfield Beach, FL

RE: Election

Editor’s Note:

The election is less than a week away. This year, it seems more than ever, lines have been drawn and people have adamantly declared their affiliations in harsh rhetoric, or they have, with frustration, said “none of the above.” Who you vote for is a personal decision and a right in our democracy not to be taken lightly. Who you choose will come down to what matters affect you and your family. Take the time to do the research for yourself on each issue and candidate to help you make the decision that best meets your needs and reflects your personal values. On page 7, there is a ballot for your reference showcasing issues and candidates that affect our area. The recommendations made do not necessarily reflect the opinion of all of The Observer staff.


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