Get back to nature with your precious pet

Posted on 05 July 2019 by LeslieM

Nevada, America’s Top Dog Model 2019 contest finalist, celebrating nature on South Beach. Photo by Terry St. Angelo.

By Jo Jo Harder

Earth Day happened back on April 22. But every day should be a day to celebrate nature and the beauty of the world. Here are six fun ways to taking care of your four-legged family member while being sustainable and celebrating the Earth.

1. Off to the Park

Summertime is calling. Get outdoors and explore nature with your dog. Many celebrations take place in parks, where you can be close to nature. But before you head out, check to make sure the event is dog friendly. As with any fun outing, bring plenty of water, healthy treats (in reusable containers) and biodegradable pick-up bags.

2. Prepare a Healthy Meal

Dogs are a lot like people when it comes to nutrition. Prepare healthy meals for your dog by avoiding dog food with low-grade animal by-products and preservatives. For a better understanding of canine nutrition and other dog food questions, check out

3. Groom Green

Create an at home spa for your dog. Grooming provides an opportunity to spend quality time pampering and bonding. Choose earth friendly pet shampoos, conditioners and other grooming products that do not contain phosphates, sulfates, and other chemicals that can be harmful to pets and to the planet.

4. Reuse

Give new life to gently used pet toys, beds, old blankets and towels by donating them to a local shelter or rescue group. There’s a saying: one dog’s trash is another dog’s treasure!

5. Plant

Plant dog-friendly flowers and other plants. Not only is it good for the environment, but gardening can also be relaxing. A dog-friendly garden can also be a wonderfully stimulating space for your pup. If you don’t have a backyard, consider container gardening on your deck.

6. Adopt

If you’re thinking of adding a new pup to the family, giving a home to a dog in need is earth-friendly and heart-friendly, too.

Jo Jo Harder, is an author, stylist, producer and pet lifestyle expert, as well as CEO and creator of America’s Top Dog Model contest. Jo Jo has been at the helm of America’s Top Dog Model ® brand since 2005, and her unique approach to discovering, developing and managing top dog models has gained international attention. America’s Top Dog Model’s new reality series “How to Get to the Top” will launch on YouTube in August.

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