Cool Wheels Car Show

Posted on 30 January 2020 by JLusk

Many classic, antique and sports cars filled Quiet Waters Park for the Cool Wheels Car Show.

By Rachel Galvin
One after another, classic and antique cars made their way into Quiet Waters Park to take their place within the Cool Wheels Car Show on Jan. 19. In its 9th year, this show benefits the Young Automotive Training Center (YATC), which helps at-risk kids learn automotive skills as well as academics to be able to graduate and be successful in life no matter what career they take on. This year was bigger than ever with over 1000 cars. Executive Director Terry Routley said, “ We started this show to introduce YATC to the community, who we rely on to help us find jobs so the kids can give back to society.”
Something new this year, said Routley, is that Harley Davidson donated a motorcycle to be raffled off. Guests could buy raffle tickets for $10 each with proceeds going to YATC. 

Harley Davidson donated this motorcycle to be given away at the event!

The Solid Brass Band took the stage and three DJs played music as well — Rockin’ Rich, Eugene Reidy and Scott the Music Man.

Solid Brass performed at the event.

Denny Shaw, from Asphalt Misfits, showed off his 1934 Ford Coupe with black primer, saying, “I built it from the frame up in my

Denny Shaw, of Asphalt Misfits, built this 1934 For Coupe with black primer from the frame up in his backyard. He has been working on it for three years and hasn’t stopped yet.

backyard. It was upside down. I put it together with fiberglass. I am an A/C guy, not a body man.”
He added it took him three years, working every day and he is still working on it. 
“Prowler Bill” brought  car from the rare 1999 Shelby series saying there were only 249 made. “He built it from scratch. Carroll Shelby didn’t care about making it pretty; he wanted it to go fast,” he said.
He added that  Shelby had an

“Prowler Bill,” from Asphalt Misfits, showed off his vehicle, from the 1999 Shelby series… only 249 were made. The car was built, he said, for speed rather than “being pretty.”

agreement that if he built the 250th, he would have had to pay a lot of money, so he stopped.
A BSO helicopter landed and a  SWAT truck was also on display.
COPs helped throughout the event.
Terry Nagy, who came for the first time this year and had dressed up for the occasion, posing in 1920s style next to his 1928 Ford Model A car, said, “I love the show. Everybody’s been great. I have three classic cars. I will be attending this from now on.”

Kurt Merolla stands next to his Shark Attack vehicle, part truck, part boat… The boat can be hoisted up to be like the top part of the mouth of a shark

Kurt Merolla brought his shark car, as some at the show were calling it , but it was actually a truck with a boat attached… It is called Shark Attack. This is one of three classic cars he owns. He also has a 1990 Dodge which was in “Mad Max” complete with a  hot tub and a 1933 Jeep Army Truck. He got injured at the show and was wearing a neck brace but he was ok and took it off to take a photo for this reporter.

See more photos from the car show on The Observer’s Facebook page soon!


Made in Thailand and shipped in through Sweden, this “Predator” statue weighs over 800 lbs. and is made from car parts, said Jeffree Turney, who mentioned that the statue has already been sold, but will not be picked up until February. He bought it originally to be part of his annual Christmas card. He modified one of his cars to be a “Predator car” by airbrushing it to sit nearby at car shows, next to a Punisher car. He also brought along a 1825 bicycle.

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