Afrique Ngozi Dance & Drum’ Celebrates Black History Month

Posted on 18 February 2020 by JLusk

Welcoming Drum Song. Dance Teacher Khinuu Nefer on West African Djembe (L) with Grecia Garrett on Cuban Conga.

By Diane Emeott
Atlanta-trained dancer Khinuu Nefer started her dance company “Afrique
Ngozi Dance & Drum, Inc.” five years ago “because there was a need for
“And it’s taken off!” enthused the dancer before her special
children’s program at the Downtown Boca Raton Library on Friday, Feb.
7, as part of Black History Month.
The dance teacher told more than 30 mesmerized children and their
parents gathered  in the Downtown Library’s Community Room that she
named her dance company “Afrique – for African” and “Ngozi, which
means Blessing.”
Nefer, who lives in Boynton Beach and has her business in Lake Worth,
off Lucerne Avenue, said she hosts workshops and presentations at the
library and city, as well as working with Palm Beach County School
District to create afterschool programs. She also does private performances for Children’s Art Symphony.
Nefer studied West African Dance and now has a mission to educate area
children and their families in the art of it.
She began her afternoon program with a “Funga Alafia” Welcome Song
from Liberia — performed on drums by Nefer on West African Djembe and
her colleague Grecia Garrett from Femin Afrika on Cuban Congas. A
Workshop to teach West African Dance Movements followed, using various
dances including a harvest dance called the “Ku Ku” to get kids
moving. A West African Folklore Story concluded the 45-minute program.
“The first rule is – arms up. The second movement is, side to side,”
she instructed eager-to-learn children encircled around her during the
first dance.
Nefer also taught children the names of the different items of West
African garb she was wearing, including an African wrap skirt called a
“Lappa,” meant to cover the waist and hips when dancing. “And we dance
barefoot,” she added.
For more information, visit; email, or call 561-667-7391.
Story Central: “Stories from a Life of Service” with Ray Christian
took place on Feb. 8, the day after ‘Afrique Ngozi Dance & Drum.’
Every Wednesday evening in February, Boca’s Downtown Library has been
showing a point-of-view (POV) documentary recognizing Black History
Month. Upcoming scheduled at 7 p.m. are:
Feb. 19: Raising Bertie
Feb. 26: Presenting Princess Shaw
For more information on programs at the Downtown Library, located at 400 NW 2 Ave., in Boca Raton, call 561-393-7852.

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