The Haunted Arboretum brings a frightfully good time to Deerfield

Posted on 31 October 2020 by JLusk

By Rachel Galvin

In the pitch black with only a flicker of colored lights to guide my way, this reporter stumbled through the trees, through the fog trying to find my way through the tree zoo before they got me… They, being the ghosts and goblins, and clowns and creatures, that haunted the twisted pathways on the day before Halloween…

The day before Halloween, The Haunted Arboretum in Constitution Park in Deerfield Beach was ready to greet its next victims. The process of its transformation took three days, according to the City of Deerfield Parks & Recreation Manager II Adele Trizzino. She accomplished the task with the help of 12 staff members and 26 volunteers. They served up some screams to 200 people that night. 

Everything was socially distanced and people wore masks even though it was outside. Temperatures were also taken upon entry and hand sanitizer was available. 

Even Commissioner Michael Hudak and his wife, and Commissioner Drotsky braved the scary path…Did you?

Remember, these pics. were taken with a flash… think about encountering these creatures in the dark!

Some of the victims… ahem, I mean… visitors…

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