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10th Annual Taste of LHP

Posted on 30 January 2014 by LeslieM

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17th Annual Dunn’s Run highlights

Posted on 10 October 2013 by LeslieM

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PB-Broward Flyover Bridge OPENS

Posted on 10 April 2012 by JLusk

A group of dignitaries gathered atop the new Dixie Flyover bridge Tuesday morning, April 10, for a ribbon-cutting ceremony before the flyover opened to the public around 11 a.m. As Deerfield Beach Mayor Peggy Noland said, “It’s been over 25 years that this bridge has been talked about. I’m glad I lived to see the day!” State Rep. Gywndolen Clarke-Reed called this “a momentous occasion. I was on the city commission when the idea first came to fruition. To be in Tallahassee now, bringing home the dollars…” Clarke-Reed said she was very pleased that the bridge does not disconnect the community — that District 2 was especially concerned about this. She commended Deerfield Planning & Growth Management Director Jerry Ferguson for the design. “He worked very hard on this,” she said. The bridge structure gives multi-lane access to connect Deerfield Beach with Boca Raton. There are two lanes and a bicycle/pedestrian walkway southbound. Two more lanes and a bicycle/pedestrian walkway go northbound. Below that is a secondary, smaller bridge over the canal that will ultimately only be open to southbound traffic, according to FDOT Public Information Officer Miranda Iglesias. It will remain closed during brick paving installation at NE 2 Street and NE 2 Avenue.  *For more information about the Dixie Flyover Project, visit the FDOT project website, www.dixie-flyover.com, or call FDOT at 954-777-4090. The Dixie Highway Project Field Office is located at 81 NE 3 Avenue in Deerfield Beach.* See video Of Ceremony and full speed ride over Flyover on ObserverTV.*

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Broward-Palm Beach Flyover Bridge on Dixie Opens Apr 10

Posted on 09 April 2012 by JLusk

DOT Officials plan to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the span at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday Apr 10. By 11 a.m. Cars should be cruising across the bridge. it is going to be a little tricky with the speed limits. Here is the deal: When you are heading  into Broward southbound the speed is 40, then somewhere on the bridge just before you hit the lights at Hillsboro it changes to 35. Northound into Palm Beach it will be 40 all the way.  Pay attention.

The $39.5 million, four-lane bridge carries Dixie over the Florida East Coast Railway, several Deerfield Beach streets and the Hillsboro Canal.

Broward and Palm Beach counties received federal economic stimulus money to pay for the construction.

Officials say they pushed for the span to eliminate a bottleneck where Dixie narrowed to two lanes through Deerfield Beach and crossed the tracks. They say it will ease travel between the two counties and serve as a hurricane evacuation route.

A smaller bridge was built to carry Northeast Second Avenue over the canal. That bridge, which has been carrying two-way traffic, will become one-way southbound after the flyover opens and serve as a ramp for southbound Dixie drivers coming from Boca who want to go to downtown Deerfield Beach or Pioneer Park.

Although the flyover is finished, the entire project won’t be completed until June.

Workers still have to install street lights, signs and landscaping, paint the bridge and put down permanent lane striping and a final layer of asphalt.

After the flyover opens, the intersection of Northeast Second Avenue and Second Street will close for about four weeks while it is rebuilt with brick pavers.

Observer TV will be the first video at full speed crossing the bridge.

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Deerfield to merge fire service with BSO

Posted on 17 August 2011 by JLusk

In a 4-0 vote just after 8 p.m. tonight, Aug. 15 Deerfield City Commission voted to turn it’s Fire Rescue services over to BSO in what was a full confidence  of Sheriff Al Lamberti. The contract will start Oct 1.

See story in full in 8-18 Observer newspaper. See video of the vote and Sheriff Lamberti  on Observer TV

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