Posted on 28 August 2014 by L.Moore

RE: Deerfield BUDGET

Dear Editor:

I have a somewhat different perspective to offer on the City of Deerfield Beach budget.

I am a risk management professional in the private sector.

Taken from a private sector view, the amazing job that Deerfield Beach city manager (Burgess Hanson) has done is even more apparent.

Do you realize that if the city were a private company and that private company went through what we have been through in the past five years, it could well be out of business? When the housing bubble burst, millions in tax revenue disappeared from our city income.

When Burgess took the helm, the prior city manager had spent $17 million out of the General Fund in just the prior two years.

That was when the public should have been up in arms.

Years ago, there were very few of us who stood up to object at the commission meetings.

Bill Ganz was one of us and that is when he decided to serve.

Thank you [now] Commissioner Ganz for the excellent job you have done as a member of the city commission and as the representative of my district.

Thank you Burgess and thank you to every member of the city commission (both now and in prior years) for making the hard choices that have made all the difference to our city.

I cannot imagine where we would be without the new revenue stream and the dramatic reductions in spending that had to happen when they did.

All you have to do is read the published budget or attend the budget workshops to know exactly where and how our tax revenue is now being spent.

What a welcome change it was to see real transparency in the published information. Another one of the big accomplishments of City Manager Hanson.

It took not only his abilities but teamwork on the part of the City Commission to get us out of the very dark days that we are now coming through.

Thank you again City Manager Hanson and thank you to every member of the Deerfield Beach City Commission.

Sally Potter

Deerfield Beach, FL

RE: “Dude” & “Bad Guy” in LHP Bank robbery story

Dear Editor:

In response to Mrs. Newberry, thank you for your letter.

Having written official reports as a Police Officer and EMT in Palm Beach County for over a decade, I found that very few people understood such official writings.

This is why I have tried to keep a more casual tone when it comes to [my] crime reports. I will do my best to be more official in the future.

Jim Lusk

Vice President

HAPPY 103rd birthday, Mom!

Dear Editor:

Edna Horne Johnson was born in the year 1911 in Deerfield Beach.

Her family arrived in 1903. Mom is the oldest living pioneer of Deerfield. She graduated from Pompano Beach High School in 1929.

Today, Mom resides part of her year in Boca Raton, FL and the remainder in Canton, GA.

Joyce Avant and I, along with the rest of our family, are so blessed to have been given such a wonderful, Godly woman in our lives that we can call “MOM” or “GRANDMA” or “GG”!

Mom, we are looking forward to another 103 having you in our lives!

Thank for setting such a wonderful example [on how] to live. Happy Birthday!

Judy Denault

Canton, GA

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Posted on 20 August 2014 by L.Moore

A Perfect, Long Overdue Clean-Up Project

Dear Editor:

I was asked by the president of Windwood Isles to spearhead a beautification effort related to Ed. Dietrich Sr. Avenue/SE 2 Avenue.

This letter is to inform you of the deplorable conditions of SE 2 Avenue, in specific, the grassy swales and the general upkeep and maintenance.

There are approximately 16 different condo developments along SE 2 Avenue, totaling over 1,000 homeowners, tax payers and voters. The point is, the entire avenue is a constant mess with trash, papers, soda cups and cans etc., all along the swales. It now looks worse than Dixie Highway used to look … It’s embarrassing!

This same condition exists along SE 7 Street, with trash and school papers. Maybe someone could talk to the school principal!

You may recall, a while back, the mayor and another person worked on getting “No through truck signs” put up, and it’s helping, but they still fly by, over the speed limit.

BSO is all over the School Zone speeders,* but do not enforce the other laws.

The bottom line is that we need a continued, ongoing effort by the city, the civic organization that adopted the street, and the owners. We also need our city commissioner to talk to the business owners and the empty lot owners about maintenance and periodic mowing.

I now see a real estate sign on one of the west side lots that says “For Sale, Multi-Family.” That’s a lot better than more commercial warehouses.

In conclusion, this avenue is our main and only thoroughfare to access over 1,000 homes.

This is not an attractive entryway to our attractive homes.

Please get it cleaned up now and on a regular basis. I am wondering if the city could add some beautification that might be conducive to the areas?

[I have] more than 20 years of volunteer community service. How about some pay back?

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

William Derian

Deerfield Beach

*Most school zones are 15-20 mph. Fines are DOUBLED for speeding in a construction area or school zone. Fines for speeding range from $155 to $605.

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Posted on 14 August 2014 by L.Moore

School Board, Wake Up!

Dear Editor:

Most cities don’t have a city resident on the School Board, just someone from a large regional district.

This means that “our” representative deals with not only our 7 schools, but dozens more in other cities.

This keeps the School Board members so far removed from the hometowns that they don’t see the local needs, or the unfairness of many of their decisions.

It is impossible to have enough time to get to know each school’s and city’s needs, and so perhaps decisions are made without enough knowledge. For example, deciding that schools don’t need to have School Resource Deputies (SRDs).

With what this country has seen in the recent past, taking place on our school campuses, elementary, middle and high schools, police in each school are not a frill, but a necessity.

For years, Deerfield Beach has begged and borrowed money for School Resource Deputies for its schools, not a city responsibility, but these are our children.

This expense should be a School Board budget item.

However, when the Deerfield Beach District 4 commissioner contacted them, he was greeted politely, thanked for his call, and then, in effect, told, “Take a flying leap.”

Decidedly, money and politics count more than children in our School Board’s list of priorities.

The money for next year, $199,562 for 2 deputies, which should be paid by the School Board, is instead, with the commission’s approval, coming from Deerfield Beach’s LETF resources (Law Enforcement Trust Fund — money confiscated from drug deals and such).

There is no way Deerfield Beach should be on the hook for the entire expense as the children in the schools come from many other cities. The School Board is not stepping up to the plate, so we have to, but each of the cities which send students to Deerfield Beach should pay their prorated share. Who can make this happen? Whoever it is should get cracking.

Think of the things $200 grand could do for our city, for example, helping prevent crime with children’s programs or, perhaps, helping victims of crime. This won’t get done because we are shouldering the entire burden of keeping our kiddies safe in their schools.

Our commission has its priorities straight. However unfair it is, our city is paying the cost.

To our commission: our children’s safety comes first. I can’t say the same for the Board of Education …

Perhaps we should grab our “pitchforks” and attend a few School Board meetings.

Bett Willett

Deerfield Beach

RE: City Wide Clean-Up for Month of August

I’m responding to the article regarding Deerfield Beach Clean-Up [in the August 7 Observer].

How about the city start with that tent and trailer sitting on our beach, violating many ordinances?

Talk about low-hanging fruit.

James Radyko

Deerfield Beach

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Green Market to re-open in Boca

Posted on 30 July 2014 by L.Moore

Dear Editor:

We at the former Deerfield Beach Green Market would like to THANK all the vendors, merchants and public who supported its existence.

We, as all of you, were disappointed when we received the cease-and-desist order from the City.

All The Cove merchants and public signatures submitted to the commission, over 200 to keep it open, were met with deaf ears from the mayor.

We thank Commissioner Miller and Ganz who stood up and were in favor of keeping it going as a very successful entertainment event for the city. We know that a lot of vendors, merchants and the public are disappointed that it is no longer there at The Cove.

But we have good news for you.

We are re opening in North Boca Raton on Federal Highway at The Wick Theater and Costume Museum, at 7901 N. Federal Hwy.

Most of the same vendors who serviced you before will be there. Take the family and visit the new market and tour the theater for an exciting experience.

The venue will be open every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine. It is pet friendly.

Again, we thank all of our supporters and hope to see you at the new market.

Arthur Damato

Community Green Market Events

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Posted on 24 July 2014 by L.Moore

Hurricane Preparedness in Deerfield

Hello friends,

Summer is here and while many of us are excited about vacation and time with the family, we are also preparing for another Hurricane Season.

Deerfield Beach has seen some pretty volatile hurricanes in past years.

Many of you might remember the damage that Hurricane Sandy left behind in 2012. The City spent tens of thousands repairing our most beautiful landmark, the International Fishing Pier. While Sandy did not devastate South Florida, 10 to 12-ft. waves caused serious damage to our coastlines.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask our residents the very same question I asked last year and will ask every year, because it is a very important question, “Are you prepared?”

Is your family prepared? Do you know what you will do with your pets if you are asked to evacuate? Are you signed up for the emergency notification?

These are all questions that you need to know the answers to right now in order to protect your family. We have resources and tools to help every resident in Deerfield Beach be better informed and better prepared for Hurricane Season, which extends from June 1 to Nov. 30.

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Read the Broward County Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

Just go to the City website, www.Deerfield-Beach.com/HurricanePreparedness. Click Residents, Find Information On, then Hurricane Preparedness.

2. Register for the emergency notification system, CodeRED.

This is a telephone-based emergency notification system that will call your home phone, mobile phone or send you a text message with important information and updates in the event of a crisis, such as a destructive hurricane. To register, visit www.Deerfield–Beach.com/codered or call 1-866-939- 0911.

3. Check out Broward County’s website, www.Broward.org.

The county now keeps the Hurricane Preparedness Guide and other important tools and information on- line only.

4. Create a plan with your family and put together an emergency preparedness kit

to have available year-round in the event of any emergency. For a complete list of materials to include in your kit just log onto: www.broward.org/ Hurricane/AtoZ/Pages/HurricanePreparedBeforeEvent.

Finally, I just want to remind you that the time to plan is now.

Please take advantage of the resources presented to you so that this year, you will be well-armed should a hurricane approach our shores.

All my best,

Mayor Jean Robb

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Posted on 09 July 2014 by L.Moore

Local Toastmasters celebrates 4th birthday!

Dear Editor:

Toastmasters Club Paradise is celebrating its 4th year. Thanks to the Deerfield Beach community for its support. We meet on Mondays at 7 p.m. at the Old Schoolhouse [next to City Hall].

We always welcome new members.

Our mission is to improve speaking and leadership skills.

Pat Chamoni

Deerfield Beach

Resident questions tree removal

Dear Editor:

Someone removed the newly planted, beautiful, Royal Palms and a rare Arikury Palm from the entrance median on 13 Court.

Instead of looking at beautiful Royal Palms when returning home from work to pay our property taxes, we now look at dirt holes – dirt holes!

Shame on the person or people who did this. There is no logic except stupid people or government to do this.

Royal Palms in the median to The Cove entrance or dirt holes?

Jay Repo

Deerfield Beach

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Posted on 03 July 2014 by L.Moore

RE: Street Lights

Dear Editor:

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an article in the Deerfield Observer [June 12] giving thanks to Broward County for listening to the Observer when they requested a turn signal be placed at Federal Highway and NE 2nd.

This prompted me to fireoff a torrid of emails to city officials, asking them how could this be done so simply in less than a year when District 2 residents had been requesting this for the last 30 years and I had, most recently, been petitioning the City since September/October of 2011 to look into adding turn signals and street lights along with bringing the truncated domes up to code at Hillsboro and MLK.

Then, after the tragic death of a friend in early 2012, I stepped up those efforts to ensure that the pedestrian, bicyclist, and motorist safety concerns in that area were taken seriously so that this senseless tragedy did not happen again. To no avail.

There was a lot of back and forth, a lot of run around, and then finally, an answer. We were told that the City didn’t have the money, then we were told that traffic doesn’t warrant a turn signal.

So I took it upon myself to videotape the conditions at that intersection at night, so I could present it to the commission. I was denied my many requests by the then-mayor, District 2 commissioner and city manager.

I kept fighting, petitioning, and presenting my legitimate concerns and request but was thwarted by the then city commission and staff at every turn.

FDOT came out and installed the yellow truncated domes that are now present at the intersection of MLK and Hillsboro bringing that section up to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance.

Fast forward 2 years and this brings us to that Observer article. After reading it, I fired off e-mails and asked the current mayor if I could now show my video.

The mayor gave me permission to show my video and gave me time to speak on the issue. Then, when FDOT responded to the City, advising they would indeed now install the signal and would look into the street lights during the 2016 resurfacing, she was the only one to reach out to me and inform me of this.

I wrote a blog post indicating that I would write a congratulatory letter if the City/ FDOT or whoever would take care of this issue for District 2, so here goes…

Thank you FDOT and The Honorable City of Deerfield Mayor for answering the many prayers and request of the District 2 residents for the last 30 years. Also, for answering my personal request since 2011.

So, on behalf of all the residents of District 2, I once again want to say, “Thank You for finally listening to us.”

David Cody

Deerfield Beach

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GUEST EDITORIAL: Justice delayed is justice denied

Posted on 26 June 2014 by L.Moore

By William E. Bucknam

1,988 days. That’s the number of days it took former Deerfield Beach Mayor Al Capellini to receive justice, from the day of his arrest on Dec.12, 2008 until the afternoon of May 23, 2014.

I was the only member of the public sitting in Courtroom 6900 in the Broward County Courthouse when Circuit Judge Marc Gold finally had his fill after listening to the evidence in Capellini’s trial for nearly two weeks. After hearing arguments on Capellini’s motion for a directed verdict from the prosecutor and the defense late that afternoon, Judge Gold asked rhetorically, “Where is the evidence of corrupt intent, where is the evidence of corrupt intent?” Finally, at 5:37 p.m. on the 1,988th day, Judge Gold put an end to this madness and granted the defense motion for a directed verdict of not guilty and that brought an end to Capellini’s nightmare.

Over the more than five years that this case was pending, I was constantly disappointed and somewhat appalled by the failure of the several judges to which it was assigned to act favorably on the numerous motions to dismiss that were filed by Capellini’s counsel, David Bogenschutz. Obviously fearing the electoral consequences of granting such a motion to a Republican mayor and then having to face the wrath of predominantly Democrat voters in Broward County resulted in complete judicial inaction and continuance after continuance. Kudos to Judge Gold for finally having the courage to do the right thing and grant the directed verdict of not guilty after listening to all of the evidence and preventing the government from being able to challenge his decision on appeal.

I was the last person to be surprised by Judge Gold’s bold move on May 23 since I had written two highly critical editorials for this newspaper about this case shortly after Capellini’s arrest: “Equal Justice Under law” on Jan. 15, 2009 and “Charge Against Capellini-The Ultimate Cheap Shot” on Feb. 12, 2009. In the first editorial, I pointed out that Broward State Attorney Michael Satz brought the overblown charge of unlawful compensation against Capellini while he sat silent and failed to take any action to investigate or prosecute two sitting Democrat County Commissioners who stood accused of far worse crimes than Capellini.

Years later, Satz was apparently shamed by my editorial into taking action against County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin, who finally pleaded guilty in April 2013 to misdemeanor charges and was sentenced to three years’ probation and a $3,000 fine. The more serious felony charges were dropped in consideration of the effects that Parkinson’s disease had on her health.

The United States Attorney’s Office finally pursued federal charges against County Commissioner Josephus Eggeletion after Satz continued to fail to act. In December 2009, Commissioner Eggeletion pleaded guilty to federal charges of moneylaundering conspiracy and failing to report income on his tax return. He was sentenced to two concurrent terms of 30 months in federal prison. Satz later decided to pile on some state charges and Eggeletion pleaded guilty to charges of accepting cash payments and a golf club membership from infamous Tamarac developers, Bruce and Shawn Chait.

In “The Ultimate Cheap Shot,” I decried the fact that the prosecution of Capellini was purely political since State Attorney Satz filed the charge and had Capellini arrested a mere 29 days prior to the end of candidate qualifying and the very day after Capellini filed his papers to run for reelection. The net effect of Satz’s action was to have Capellini immediately removed from office by the Governor and to saddle him with a criminal charge that would ultimately cripple his reelection campaign and end his political career, which is precisely what happened. It is interesting and no real surprise that this charge was filed shortly after one Democrat power broker was unsuccessful in convincing Capellini to bolt from the Republican Party and to become a Democrat.

Al Capellini not only had his name dragged through the mud for over five years, he was also seriously harmed financially. He has written proof that loans for his engineering firm were turned down by banks solely because of this pending case. He also has letters from prospective clients rejecting his services solely because of this case. How will he be made whole for this collateral economic damage and exactly where does Al Capellini go now to have his good name restored?

Fortunately for him, Capellini will have all of the money he has paid in legal fees fully reimbursed. Defense Counsel, David Bogenschutz, recently rendered an invoice totaling $1,035,015.45 for his representation of Capellini over the past five plus years and, unfortunately, this will be paid in full by the taxpayers of Deerfield Beach.

In my humble opinion, this money should come out of the retirement account of Michael Satz and if he should ever deign to run for reelection again, I hope the voters and taxpayers of Deerfield Beach will remember this case and force him into a long overdue retirement.

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Posted on 26 June 2014 by L.Moore

Hillsboro Blvd. Lane Elimination

Dear Editor:

At the June 17 Deerfield Beach commission meeting, consultants explained their plan to eliminate two traffic lanes on Hillsboro Boulevard.

Some of what they proposed is very good, a longer and better marked right turn lane approaching US 1 is needed. Also, a raised median strip with left turn lanes would improve safety.

It’s interesting that two of the consultants said that in their planning process they looked for “fatal flaws” and found none. However they did not mention the effect of increased road closures because of increased rail traffic.

East bound traffic will have to merge three lanes into two after waiting on a long freight train. Also, there will not be bus stops so if a bus does stop for passengers, it will block one of the two lanes. Both of these are flaws that could cause accidents and road rage incidents that could be fatal. This passed the commission by one vote. Commission rules allow any commissioner on the prevailing side to bring the issue up for reconsideration.

They voted based on a flawed report and I think the commission should reconsider it. Let’s keep the raised median and improved right turn lane and let’s keep six lanes.

Robert Lloyd

Deerfield Beach

Guest Editorial

RE: Deerfield Green Market shut down

Dear Editor:

I spoke at the June 17, city commission meeting. The topic was, the termination of the Green Market at The Cove Shopping Center.

The first Green Market was from North Miami Beach, coincidently where Keven Klopp came to Deerfield from with a $10,000 check to help the start up. Did anyone ever give you money to start your business? Actually, the other markets, about 6, never received 1 cent. They never completed the contract.

The second Green Market was run by the Cultural Committee, who I honestly forgot to mention. They worked for FREE, with the promise from the commission that any profits at the end of the markets would go to scholarships. Guess what? They profited between $8,000 to $10,000. But Keven Klopp decided any profits should go back to the CRA. These hard-working seniors were furious and NO scholarships were given.

The lady who ran the Saturday Green Market in Boca also ran ours. Deerfield got Saturday’s leftovers with NO management, and it was a bomb.

Then came Arthur D’Amato, a former resident of Deerfield Beach, who actually ran the best Green Market, and he was terminated. Another city blunder.

Once again, I apologize to the wonderful Cultural Committee, forgetting to mention them was not intentional.

Steve Krevoy

Cove Bagel Deli

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Posted on 19 June 2014 by L.Moore

Different approach to keeping streets clean

Dear Editor:

I’ve lived in Deerfield and Hillsboro Beach for 40 years. I built the Pickle Barrel and Lock, Stock & Barrel years ago, but I’m still here!

I read that article on cigarette butts [June 5 Observer newspaper] and yes, they really annoy me also. Every time I get out of my car, I step on a filter. I don’t care where I am — Publix, the doctor’s office, all over town.

We go to Michigan in the summer for a vacation and when you buy Coke, beer, water, all those bottles have a 10-cent deposit on them. Bring them back and get your 10 cents back!

You don’t see any litter on the streets or parking lots because they get their money back. And if someone is in need of money, they go around looking for deposit bottles and cans. They keep the streets free of containers.

So why don’t we put a 10- cent deposit on filters? Bring them back and get your $2 back. You won’t see any on the ground, plus people having to come up with an extra $2, maybe they will stop smoking and save their lives. One pack a day at $10 a pack, $300 a month, you can get a great iron lung or a leased caddy.

It really burned me up to see all the filters on my golf course, Deerfield Country Club. Now, I have to find another club because it was sold.

Hey, look at ALDI supermarket over on Federal [a second location is at W. Hillsboro Boulevard]. You put a quarter in to get a shopping cart, and when you bring it back, you get your quarter back. You don’t see any carts in the parking lot either!

The people who smoke are in DENIAL big time — and they will defend smoking till they die, and they will. It’s not a pleasant way to go. I watched my mother gasping for air and I was still smoking, but then I quit. That was in 1999 and I’m glad I did.

I love The Observer. Did you know the Publisher was one of my first customers at the Pickle Barrel and I’ve known him ever since of course, good man. And I miss his writing also.

Well enough out of me … Keep up the good work. Deerfield Beach is a great place!

John Morrell

Hillsboro Beach

RE: Katz’s Deli New York

To The staff of the Observer,

I wasn’t sure who to address this to, but I wanted the press to be aware of the situation and to hear about it from us first. The circumstances are regrettable, to say the least, and you hold a large influence over the public opinion.

I wanted to make it clear that the Katz’s operating in Deerfield Beach is in no way associated with Katz’s Delicatessen of New York City. We’re a family business that has been around for 126 years. That’s over 12 decades of hard work building a reputation based on the quality of our product and service. The Katz’s of Deerfield has come in and tried to catch a free ride on our good name.

We have tried to resolve the situation amicably; but unfortunately, it’s looking as though a peaceful resolution is not going to be possible.

Jake Dell

Katz’s Delicatessen


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