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Congressman West visits UPS terminal

Posted on 28 October 2011 by LeslieM

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Small Business: Innovation Tools

Posted on 16 June 2011 by LeslieM

By Declan Murphy

Keynote speaker Congressman Allen West was one of 13 who spoke at event that brought in 120 attendees and a waiting list of 30.


On Wednesday, June 8, U.S. Representative, District 22, Allen West — the sole Florida-based member of the House Small Business Committee — was a keynote speaker at an event entitled “Small Business: Innovation Tools” hosted by the FAU Research Park in Deerfield Beach.

West emphasized the importance of small businesses in growing the economy, and asserted that they are being neglected.

West outlined three points he believes will help small businesses “turn it [the economy] around.”

1) West claims that spending needs to be controlled in D.C. He mentioned a recent effort in D.C. to cut and eliminate useless, expensive defense programs that were draining money from the federal budget. 2) West also affirmed that “increasing taxes is not the answer” and in order for small businesses to grow, tax policy changes must be made. 3) West stressed that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently imposed new regulations on small businesses, forcing them to spend money to meet standards that are not that vital, given the current dire economic climate.

He also made mention of the Small Business Encouragement Act he introduced, which is currently in the House’s Ways and Means Committee, where appropriations are determined. The act, if passed, would change the Internal Revenue Code, giving small businesses of fewer than 100 employees — that hire unemployed Americans — a work opportunity tax credit. The Small Business Encouragement Act could save employers up to $12,000 a year per hire in some parts of the country.

After West presented his ideas and views, he took questions from those who attended. In answering one question about what should be done to repair the economy, West claimed that “the entrepreneurial spirit” has led Americans, and America in general, to great accomplishments such as the moon landing. He went further by saying that “the entrepreneurial spirit” is what will fix America’s economy, not big government. When answering another question, West addressed the debt problem. He stated that he believes issues such as the national debt should be approached with “a vision of ten to twenty years ahead” and the debt problem cannot be solved by a quick fix but that it rather requires a long-term solution. West also said that the “problem with decisions being made is that they are short-sighted”. The congressman also offered his opinion on education: that it must be practical and applicable to real jobs and careers. He suggested involving the private sector in public education. He said encouraging professionals, such as a C.P.A. or lawyer, to come and talk to high school students about how what they are learning applies to their careers would go a long way in ensuring that the education our children are receiving is practical and conducive to real opportunities in the job market.


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Donald J. Trump in Boca Raton

Posted on 16 April 2011 by JLusk

On April 16, Real Estate mogul and TV celeb Donald Trump visited Sanborn Square in Boca Raton to speak at the 3rd Annual Tax Day Rally for the Tea Party. Trump was joined by other guest speakers including Congressman Allen West, Bill Nelson, Adam Hasner and radio personality Joyce Kaufman, who emceed.

Trump is considering running for President in 2012, but he will not make an official announcement yet. “Sometime before June,” he continues to say. But, he had plenty to say at the rally about everything from inflation and gas prices to trade with China and our involvement with Libya. He also seemed to have plenty of support from the large crowd that had gathered.

See Video here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/42625344#42625344

Photo and story by Rachel Galvin

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West office mailed suspicious white powder

Posted on 08 April 2011 by LeslieM

Allen West’s congressional offices are on high alert after a suspicious substance was mailed to West’s post office box in Deerfield Beach. On Friday, a campaign worker went to a post office box in Deerfield Beach to routinely pick up West’s mail. West is a U.S. Representative in Washington representing a large swath of both Broward and Palm Beach counties.

When the worker returned to West’s Boca Raton office with the mail, an envelope with a white powder and what is described as a “derogatory” letter enclosed. In the letter, anthrax was specifically mentioned.

Local police and fire have provided additional protection to West’s office while the material is tested at a lab in Miami to determine exactly what the substance is. West’s office was blocked off by police, and his office condemned the incident in a public statement.

“I thoroughly condemn this act which does nothing but evidence the sick and deranged nature of the perpetrator,” West said in a statement released Friday afternoon. “I will continue to serve the constituents of Florida’s Congressional District 22 with honor and integrity.”

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